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Professional Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

- A Full Set of professional semi-permanent eyelash extensions takes approximately 120-180 mins.

- Your own lashes will be extended (from the base) to add volume and thickness to your natural lash, as well as length.

- The treatment is relaxing and comfortable - snoozing has been known to happen!

- Infills are recommended every 2 weeks to keep lashes looking thick, full and tidy.

- Gorgeous, natural looking lashes without the hassle of using mascara - you can use eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc as normal.

- Completely weightless - tear, sweat and swim friendly - totally waterproof.

- Lasts approximately 4-8 weeks - infills every 2 weeks will mean they last forever!

- Easy to maintain and no damage to your natural lashes.

OPI/Madam Glam Gel Manicures

- An gel manicure takes around 90 mins - we use no potentially damaging machinery such as 'nail drills' or electric buffers, and everything is done by hand.

- Each coat of Gel - Base Coat, 2 - 3 GelColor Coats, Top Coat - takes 30 seconds to cure - using LED lamps.

- Your nails will be filed to the shape that you prefer.

- Your cuticles will be taken care of and moisturised - we use Cuticle Oil after every manicure.

- Your Gel manicure should last for 2 weeks, but can last longer with extra care!

- Gel manicures do not damage your natural nails - many clients have actually found that their natural nails flourish while under the protection of Gel.

- You also have the option to add Gel Nail Art and Lecenté Chrome and Rainbow Powders, and Glitters.

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